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YMS Episode 62 — Celebrating the Victories of Others

November 5th, 2019

Comparison is the enemy of joy and longevity in youth ministry. Learning to appreciate our situation and what God is doing through us is vitally important to our long-term success and personal well-being as youth workers.

But what if we could go a step further? What if we could actually celebrate the success of others, including the youth pastor next door and the church down the road? What if we made it our mission to be such kingdom-builders that we actually DO something to bless those who, for too long, were our "competition"?

We recorded this episode the day after the Washington Nationals won the World Series. Neither of us are Nationals fans, but we enjoyed seeing our friends celebrate their team's victory. It occurred to us -- what if we were able to spread that goodwill to our friends in youth ministry, and help us all to be intentional about celebrating the victory of others? All of us would probably say it's a good idea to not be competitive, but what do we actually do to encourage and celebrate our youth worker compadres? 

We think this is a great -- and challenging idea that will result in many more youth workers sticking with it for the long haul.

EPISODE 62 -- Celebrating the Victories of Others

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