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YMS Episode 61 — Great Expectations (the sequel)

October 29th, 2019

In a perfect world, we would all be perfect youthworkers. Every need would be met, every student would follow Christ, every expectation would be exceeded, and we would go to sleep at night knowing we made it happen.

Yeah, right.

Reality is much different. Despite our best efforts, we will fail. What do we do when the expectations others place on us, and the ones we place on ourselves, go unmet? What do we do when they are simply unrealistic in the first place?

You know, like the expectations we place on NFL refs? But we digress.

We don't always like the great expectations placed on us, whether from church leaders, parents, students, or even ourselves. In this episode, we focus on the great expectations of parents and students. They can be enough to drive anyone nuts, but in the end, it helps to remember many of those expectations come from a place of pain.

We also discover that the best lessons we learn really did come in kindergarten. And we also learned there is such a thing as a speed cuber.

And Halloween is the "Devil's Holiday."


Episode 61 -- Great Expectations (the sequel)

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