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YMS Episode 25 — Kicking Off Well

September 4th, 2018

After a six-week break for summer youth trips and vacations, we are excited to be back for the fall with a new season of Youth Ministry Sherpas!

First, we have some catching up to do. We've been all over the place since we last recorded. Steve spent a week in paradise (Jamaica) celebrating his 30th anniversary with his wife, and led a mission team to Greece, where he danced the Hokey Pokey and did his best imitation of the first land animal. Mathew took half the population of Maryland on his annual mission to Peru. The mission was a huge success, although Mathew failed in the one task he was given -- get a picture with a llama.

In today's episode, we talk about the indisputable seasonal aspect of youth ministry, and how important it is to kick things off well in the early fall. Fall is the time for big DREAMS. It's the time to create an event that's a big DRAW. And it's our opportunity to DOWNLOAD our dreams to our leaders and students so that we can see them come to fruition and fulfill the unique vision God has given us for this year.

We hope you have big dreams from God.

We have big dreams for our student ministries, and for our podcast. One of those is to get to the National Youth Workers Convention in  St. Louis in November. You can support those dreams here:

Here we go!

Speaking of new:
* Our new sound quality is brought to you courtesy of our new equipment and some technical help from our friend Ryan.
* Our new disclaimer is brought to you by the legal departments of our respective churches.
* Our new voice intro is brought to you by Steve's "Greek son, Stefan Vass, from the Streetlight Ministry in Athens.

"The dawning of man"

In case you forgot: