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YMS Episode 24 — What We’ve Learned So Far

July 17th, 2018

When we started the Youth Ministry Sherpas Podcast six months ago, we had no idea what we are getting into. Now, 51 episodes later...we still have no idea!

But after 24 full-length episodes, 26 Sherpa Shorts, plus our introductory episode (00)--all since January 16--here's what we've learned so far:

Podcasting is expensive
It's a lot of work and a lot of fun
Talking into a mic is awkward
Youth ministry is thriving around the country
Everybody needs encouragement
We don't have that many listeners, but at least our family loves us
We might even have something of value to say

And most importantly, we like each other, maybe even more than when we started!

After today's episode (#24), we are taking a six-week break. This gives you time to catch up on all our episodes! In the meantime...

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We'll be back September 4!