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YMS Episode 15 — When You (Almost) Lose It

May 15th, 2018

Let's face it--everyone loses it sometimes. We all get mad. In fact, Mathew is still peeved about the Seahawks miraculous comeback against the Packers in the NFC playoffs a few years ago, and Steve can't get over the fact that the Steelers' Jesse James scored the winning touchdown against New England last December according to everyone but the idiots in the replay booth. Can you sense the forceful typing of the keys that typed that sentence??

Middle school and high school kids can set us off. Sometimes they have a gift for it. Sure, we love them, but even the best among us can be driven to the brink of a Hulk-like meltdown. We're human. So are they. They are sinners. So are we. It happens.

Ever heard a parent say, "Don't make me pull this car over?" Well, Steve did it -- twice in one trip -- letting loose with a 20-minute barrage of scolding that still hangs over the parking lot of that Sheetz store somewhere in Virginia. Mathew has been known to slam not one, but two doors exiting the room and leaving his students alone to ponder their horrid behavior. maybe they were just ticked off because they were watching "Edge TV" on VHS? Anyway, he also once dropped the "F" bomb on a girl in the back of church on Sunday morning. Granted, he was "quoting her," but still...

In this episode, we recount our tales of when we lost it with a student or two -- of the whole group. We share some of our "less than stellar" moments when our anger got the best of us. In the end, though, good things can come from our meltdowns. They give us an opportunity for humility and teachable moments.

So listen in--and chill out--with our next episode, "When You (Almost) Lose It."